All dancers in Toronto and Niagara Falls are required to have a license, except Mississauga and Brampton

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Toronto Stripper Party Planning Tips

First talk to the friend you are planning the stripper party for. Everyone has their own idea of what’s sexy and how racy they want their show to be. Toronto strippers offer everything from a sexy wiggle and jiggle show to provocative games guaranteed to get your party going. How wild or tame the party will be is always ultimately on the clients. Most Toronto strippers are always professional, respectful, and mindful of the client’s needs.

Many may ask, why is better to hire Toronto’s best strippers for your party verses using an escort service? Most escort services do not cater to parties. Only Toronto’s strippers offer an exotic show which is usually much more extreme than that available at a strip club. Both Toronto male strippers and female Toronto strippers know all of the sexiest games to make your party a night to remember.

Where to have your party is just as important as the entertainment. The best place for an Toronto stripper party would be somewhere private. Homes and hotel rooms provide the best venue. You can also try calling clubs or bars that rent out private VIP areas, as some may be able to host your Toronto strippers with a little negotiation.

The Exhilarating Experience of Toronto Strip Clubs

Why do men enjoy strip clubs? The Toronto strip clubs scene offers just about everything a man desires. Some men may prefer a classy upscale Toronto strip club while others who do not want to be recognized may prefer the dark corners of a seedy, hole in the wall club. In general, men enjoy Toronto strip clubs for the companionship. For one thing, when you walk in, the girls actually want to talk to you. The “hard to get” attitude just doesn’t exist. There’s no group of snobby girls standing in a circle sipping drinks by the dance floor. Strippers in Toronto strip clubs will actually seek you out, ask if they can join you, and then proceed to talk about YOU. Yes, for once, the attention is on you and not the other way around!

Once you and the girl of your choice have gotten a chance to chat, it’s time to really get to know her with…The Personal Dance! Depending on what type of Toronto strip club you attend, there are many different types of personal dance to choose from.

First let’s begin with the all popular Table Dance. These dances are performed on the main floor at your table. Typically you will pull your chair away from the table and your lovely lady will wiggle a dance between your legs. For most Toronto strip clubs, a rule of thumb for the table dance is very low contact, with sometimes no physical contact allowed between a Toronto strippers and a client at all. Table dances are priced per song with the price being set by the club. Most Toronto strip clubs will charge $10 to $20 per song with the average song lasting 3 minutes. Not bad from the dancers point of view. But watch out for girls who try to enforce tipping during a table dance. It is completely at your discretion. Girls cannot charge more than the set price, but they do accept a couple extra dollars in the garter during the dance.

If you’re looking for something a little more private while watching the cash in your pocket, you may prefer a Low Contact Dance. At most Toronto strip clubs, these dances are typically performed away from the main area, maybe just outside the VIP area or in a lounge. Wherever they may be, it is a more secluded area, away from freeloaders who like to ogle other’s dances. These dances are usually $20 per song and can offer lots of hair tosses in the lap and hands on your shoulders, arms, and legs, all while remaining standing.

Another Toronto strip club favorite is the Lap Dance. This type of dance is performed in a VIP area and is very up close and personal. It is considered a high contact dance which means a dancer may sit on your lap and rub up against you. Although Canadian law forbids any Toronto strip club to engage in touching that is explicitly sexual in nature, some touching is allowed. While these dances are still only $20 per song, some dancers set a lap dance minimum of maybe 3-5 dances since it is a more intimate show.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Toronto strip club experience, there is the Champagne Room. These rooms are aptly called Champagne Rooms because in most cases they are provided to a customer with the purchase of a bottle of champagne. Don’t like champagne? No problem, a general fee of around $100 will get you a champagne room for an hour, which is paid to the club. Wow, an hour with a sexy lady in a private room for $100 sounds like a great deal, right? Well before tossing the waitress your credit card, there’s one more very important detail…the price for the dancer’s company is not included. This is a separate charge that can range anywhere from $100 to $400 for the hour, in addition to the $100 you pay the club.

I think I should also clarify something. Although the first sentence of this article began with “Why do men enjoy strip clubs?”, I think it’s only appropriate to say some men who enjoy strip clubs like to share the experience with their girlfriend or spouse. While this practice does not suit everyone, it is clearly not as uncommon as you may think. There are areas outside of the main floor where couples can enjoy private lap dances together. And I know we’ve already established that at all Toronto strip clubs, dance prices are set per song, but in the case of private dances for couples, it is based per person. So now, instead of $20 a song, you’re looking at $40 per song. This is something that is easily misconstrued and should be addressed by the entertainer before entering the private areas.

In general, most ladies working in Toronto strip clubs make their money hustling dances. Stage sets are great for advertising what you have, but it is the chase of the almighty dollar that keeps them bopping from table to table. Luckily for us we live in Canada, a place where a man (or couple), for the right price, can have the exhilarating experience they are looking for at any Toronto strip club.


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Men everywhere enjoy a high-class, luxurious Gentlemen’s Club. Although the clubs vary drastically throughout the world, poles and private rooms are considered mandatory tools of the trade. Adult entertainment has been around for centuries and when the Folies Bergère and Moulin Rouge became popular in Paris in the late 1900’s, Society took notice and the attitude toward showing skin became much more relaxed.

In this century, every major city in the world has a variety of live adult entertainment clubs but the clubs in Toronto, and the surrounding areas are going to be slightly different than the clubs in the U.S and even overseas. The services and customs differ more than you might imagine.

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